Nine Circles Profiles Dan

Photo: Jon Fett / Reckless Endanger Photos

Our friends at Nine Circles talked with Dan about the band, the record, what metal he’s listening to, and had this to say about “Please Electric Move Slow”

“The fact that Fugazi, Converge and Refused were catharsis to Burial Party’s Dan Kinnaley isn’t lost on upcoming debut EP Please, Electric Move Slow. It’s loose yet chaotic, dissonant yet bears melodic fruit, noisey of the old AMRep ilk while playing with pop-punk lightheartedness. Basically, a ton of stuff packed into four tracks that’ll get you up, moving and singing along after a couple of spins…”

Check out the interview:

Nerd Talk with Alternative Control

The fine folks at Alternative Control asked us about some of our favorite books, movies, and video games and then they plugged “Please, Electric Move Slow” for which we’re grateful. I think we covered all of the bases; chainsaw wielding madmen, a b-grade Japanese Twin Peaks, Rollins, and more. Read the whole interview here.